Best Buys for April

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Spring is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than by snagging some great deals? April brings potential savings on several items. Take advantage of some great deals this month.


Car Care

April is National Car Care Month. National Car Care Month was invented to bring awareness about proper car care and maintenance to the consumer. Check for promotions at Service Centers and Auto Parts Stores. Expect to see discounts from 15-20% off on car care products.

Gardening and Home Improvement Supplies

Gardening and Home Improvement Supplies. Spring is typically the time of year when home improvement projects really start to take off. Check your local home improvement stores for the best “Spring Black Friday” sales this year. Now just may be the time to tackle some of those projects we let slide over the winter.

Graduation and Wedding Gifts 

April is typically a good month to get deals on Graduation and Wedding gifts like cookware and luggage. Many graduates and newlyweds would prefer a gift card or cash – even if it seems less personal. Check E-bay, Walmart, and Amazon for deals on gift cards.

After Easter Sales

Starting today you should see great savings on all things Easter. The first day after Easter most items will be marked down by around 50%. Moving up to 75- 90% to clear out stock within a week or two after Easter. Focus on items that can be put away and used next year.


Earth Day 

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd, Earth Day is an annual reminder to protect our planet and make more environmentally conscious decisions. Expect to see deals on organic, eco-friendly, and natural products. As well as reusable bags and water bottles, Energy Star appliances, CFL, and LED lighting will be on sale throughout the month. Many companies give away free tree seedlings on Earth Day.


April brings great deals on Vacuum cleaners as the spring cleaning frenzy continues. Look for sales and coupons from Amazon, TargetWalmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond.


National Park Week for 2023 is from April 20th to 28th. Parks across the country will host a variety of special programs, events, and digital experiences. All National Park Service sites that charge an entrance fee will offer free admission to everyone on April 20th.

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