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 Internship Advice

By Joe Wright

Why You Should Do an Internship

An internship mentioned in a resume is a great advantage for you when seeking for a job. Employers do pay attention to it, and if there are a lot of candidates for a certain position, most likely, those who have never done internships will be rejected just to cut down on the number of potential employees.

An internship may really turn into full-time employment. That’s why if you decide to do an internship, try to treat it with all diligence as the impression you produce on the employer may become crucial for your career.

An internship can really help you decide if you’ve done right or wrong career choice. You will learn more about the industry and see how it all works from within. In other words, an internship is the stage when you make the final decision – to stay in this business or to leave for something else.

Why You Should Not Do an Internship

If you are determined to make money, internships are not for you. Interns either work for free or get small salaries.

An intern occupies the lowest position in a company hierarchy. Interns are charged with various minor tasks that others simply prefer not to do.

When Searching for an Internship

If you are a college student, let your college career center help you.

If you’ve already graduated or just prefer to do the seeking on your own, use online resources.

How to Understand if It’s Worth It

Study the info in the advert carefully. Some companies want to attract interns just as cheap workforce, others really tutor and mentor them. Try to determine to what type this company belongs.

Learn as much as you can about the company. Visit its website and find the internship section. First of all, you need to know what terms they offer, and secondly, being prepared will let you feel more confident at an interview and increase your chances for success.

Contact those who used to do their internships in this company, and although other people’s emotions are highly subjective, nothing can compare to the real stories of those who have experienced it. You’d better make a written list of questions not to forget anything when you meet them. To learn the names of former interns and get their contacts, you can address the college career center. It’s possible that they used this center to find the internship.

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