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 The Real Benefits of Buying Your Own House

By Desare A Kohn-Laski

Buying a house is not always the top priority of all individuals. This is due to many underlying factors such as job stability, location, and other needs. But if one would greatly analyze, there are far more benefits that buying your own house can bring.

Aside from providing a secured shelter to your family, buying your own house is one great sign of stability. According to financial analysts, it is a sign of a person’s improving financial status. On top of this, the pride of having your own house contributes to a better credit score. This is in a provision of a cash-based purchase or through financing schemes wherein you should maintain your status as a good payer.

Buying your own house gives you an additional sense of dignity because you can do whatever you want on the house without fear of ending up in a feud with a landlord or landlady. When you live in your own house, you become its master designer and decorator. Your choices are what can be implemented. Your suggestions matter and your budget fit your decoration efforts.

There are associated tax reductions when buying a house. This is particularly true for first time home buyers. Real estate property taxes are deductible from income taxes awarding home owners better chances of saving up money from tax payments. In association with these tax savings, home owners are actually given better opportunities to earn money for other expenses like basic needs such as food and education of children.

Your own house adds to your list of assets, so does every piece of furniture and appliances that you will buy to make it more functional and more beautiful. Assets are convertible to cash when they are sold. They have corresponding market values. Your own house is one asset that is equivalent to a great amount of money. As time goes by, its price can go up or down depending on real estate trends. Yet, it is still one great possession that can save your financial stability. Your house can be converted to a rental property if you need additional income. It can be sold on a price that is generally higher than its purchase value.

Some home owners attest to the greater confidence they have achieved when they bought their first home. Perhaps, this is a benefit that is of personal value to the home owner because it contributes to the build-up of esteem and imparts to an improved personality. First time home owners feel that they are more appreciated. Great number of young professionals feels a deeper sense of belongingness in their group after they have moved in to their own house.

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