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 Improving Who You Are

By Robert Fogarty

It takes a long time for people to know who they really are. Even though a person may be a teenager, and about to graduate from high school, this does not mean that they know everything yet. The fact is, you never stop growing and changing your entire life, so leaving high school is just a small step of the many that a person will take in their journey of life. A person may be thinking about going to college to further their education, and this is an important decision because college can help you discover exactly the person you are.

Going to College Makes You Smarter

Some people go to school just for a degree, but it really can improve who you are as a person. Many things can happen on a college campus, and in terms of life experience, the college years are said to be the best ever. Many people will look back fondly at their college years, and without the whole college experience, some people really do not know what they are missing. Here is more information on the best reasons to seek a higher education:

• Exposure to different subjects: While in high school, many people have a very limited choice as to what they can study. Some high schools are very small, so the subjects they offer are very small too. However, most colleges are many times bigger than high school, so they can offer a variety of different things to study. A college can offer really neat things to study, which can really get a person interested in taking as many classes as possible.

• The chance to make friends: Colleges take in students from all over the country and from all over the world. Some people live in a small hometown, so they are not exposed to people from different states or different countries. Meeting people from places, other than the small town they grew up in, can really broaden one’s horizon. Just meeting someone from another country can really be an eye-opening experience.

• Have a lot of fun: There are a lot of fun things to do in college other than study and go to class. Some colleges have special events like parties, rallies, protests, and other things that a person may not have gotten to do in high school. Some people end up joining a fraternity or a sorority, which can also make the college experience a lot more fun and exciting.

As a person gets older, they find out more about who they are. However, one way to really make someone discover who they are is to go to college. Higher education can expose someone to different things they never got to experience in high school. College offers a better variety of subjects to study, which can really inspire someone because they never got to learn these things in high school. A university or college can also allow them to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. Anyone that is just getting out of high school, should seriously consider going on to college because it will be something they will never forget, and they will learn more than they ever thought possible.

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