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Credit cards can come in handy and can be very useful as well, however if you are not careful you can easily overspend and get in over your head with debt that can linger for years causing you to pay extra money in interest fees that you could otherwise be saving or spending on something more useful.



The Big Three – Visa Vs MasterCard Vs American American Express
By Ryan D Neely

How many times have you looked at a magazine or commercial offering you a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express (AMEX) credit card? At that time, did you stop to think about which one was the best choice? If so, here are some things to remember when deciding on a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express charge card.

1. What Visa, MasterCard, and American Express All Have in Common

All three major credit card companies offer unique credit cards. Some of their cards offer rewards or special discounts on purchases. Also, some of them will let you customize your charge card’s appearance.

Depending on how much your credit limit is with the companies, you can use them for cash advances. You can also transfer the balance of one card to another with these companies when trying to save money and quickly pay off a balance. However, you may be charged a balance transfer fee.

2. Where Visa and MasterCard are Better Than American Express

Visa and MasterCard are more widely accepted than American Express. With them being widely accepted, they are more widely offered. Though there are banks that offer American Express cards, more banks will give you a Visa or MasterCard charge card.

3. Where American Express is Better

Though American Express credit cards (in comparison to Visa and MasterCard) seek to attract middle class citizens, they offer more business oriented benefits. AMEX, in most cases, does not have a bank as its middle man. As American Express can issue its cards directly to customers, the company can more easily address its customers’ questions and problems. This lack of needing a bank’s aid also enables AMEX to directly communicate its offers and service updates to its users.

AMEX is a better card for businesses as it offer great reward perks for business traveling purchases. The company has its own customer service line available 24 hours for scheduling trips. The company also offers double reward points for setting up your trip through its website as a member of the company’s reward program.

4. Visa Vs MasterCard

Though Visa and MasterCard share a similar setup as payment systems, they offer different cards with special perks. Therefore, as a customer you must decide which card is best for you according to the various card(s) your bank offers.

A really cool card that can be available to you as Visa credit card is the Capital One Venture card. With the Capital One Venture card, you are rewarded two percent back for your purchases and will not receive a fee for foreign transactions.

A great card available to you through MasterCard is the Citi Simplicity Card. This card is great, if not the best, for making purchases and transfers with its 18 month zero percent interest rate.

5. Which One is Best For You

When deciding which of the three cards described is best for you, think about why you would like the card. Are you trying to build credit and simply want a credit card? Are you trying to consolidate some debt? Do you travel a lot? Or, is there a store or gas station you visit frequently? Whatever your reason may be, evaluate your reason when deciding which card will benefit or reward your lifestyle or purchasing habits.

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