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Readiness Skills to Be Readily Recruited
By Aisha A Rahman

Even though there are plenty of job opportunities for a lot of people who are willing to work, the fact of the matter is that they aren’t able to secure a job because most of them tend to lack the job readiness skills that most employers are looking for. Job readiness skills are the basic skills that any employee should have when looking for a job. They are the top most skills that employers look for and the presence of this skill in an individual can easily secure him a position in an organization. According to a report published by the Department of Labor Office in the US, communication, critical thinking and having professional behavior are the top few things that can land you in any job.

If we talk about training employees to grasp job readiness skills, it means that employees are being trained to learn essential skills that they do not already possess due to not having proper job experience. By training people for job readiness skills, you are, in effect, preparing them to enter the job market and secure a job. those who are in most need of job readiness skills training are those who have newly graduated from university, those who have been denied employment in an organization due to the lack of certain qualities, and those who are unable to stay on the job for a long time because they are simply incapable of meeting the demands of the job itself.

Basically, the purpose of this training is to tackle the problems any kind of employee might be facing due to being inexperienced in the job market, being underemployed or because their fundamentals and general education and basics aren’t as strong as they should be.

Previously, people would turn to newspapers, journals and magazines to look for job opportunities but that has greatly changed. People now do most of their job searching online. They look for vacancies in organizations and then sign up for them by either sending in their CV’s or by completing and submitting an online form that has been provided online. It is then time to wait for the recruiter to contact the applicant for the interview and short listing process.

Now that there has been a transition in the method through which people do their job searching as well, it is necessary for everyone to be updated with how they should apply online, and how they should use the online network as well. People should possess the skills needed to work on the internet and should have impeccable communicating and writing skills as well. The online job application process is enough for a recruiter to get an idea of the kind of employee you might be in the future. If your information and data is correctly filled, following all the instructions given to you, and you have been diligent in providing all other information needed, you give a good impression to your recruiter about how you are going to work in the future as well.

Besides all the skills that you need, your outward appearance plays an important role in getting you’re hired for the job. Believe it or not, this is all a part of the job readiness skills that you must possess when applying for a job.

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