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BMW 525d – Power, Luxury and Great Gas Mileage
By Anne Koby

BMW has noticed areas where it was falling behind in the diesel market and has developed a series of automobiles that will establish them as a force in the diesel sedan market. Broadening their established line into the other series will ensure that they become a player among the other high end luxury companies that have an established line of diesel powered vehicles.

With the introduction of the 525d, BMW has designed a car that is ready to compete against its counterparts. The 525d is capable of producing an impressive 197bhp running at 4,000rpm and can produce 400Nm of torque at a mere 2,000rpm. This is the power that many drivers are looking for when purchasing a new car. The need to constantly change gears is also not as common as in other cars because of the inherent flexibility that the BMW 525d offers.

Needless to say, many prospective buyers may be worried that the power produced by the engine will eat away at the gas mileage; that is not the case with the 525d. It averages an impressive 45.6mpg and produces only 165 grams of carbon dioxide per mile. These figures are enough to put any environmentally conscious driver’s mind at ease.

The power behind the 525d is able to propel the car from 0-60 in 7.6 seconds and tops out at a maximum speed of 147mph. These are numbers that many drivers have come to expect from a petrol powered engine, but BMW has designed a car that is as efficient and powerful as any petrol powered engine available.

The design of the 5 Series, once seen as radical by some, is now a more subtle and smart design. BMW has made a few changes in the newest version starting with clear glass headlight and indicator covers, and the kidney shaped grill now sits flush with the bumper. Improvements have also been made to the rear lighting system which now includes horizontal LED’s. Which are designed to improve night driving conditions.

The 5 Series is large but not too bulky that it is unmanageable, the leg room in the rear may leave something to be desired for some taller passengers, but overall the interior space is what is expected from cars in this league. The BMW 525d may take a little getting used to in terms of design and what is more familiar with fans of BMW design, but overall it is a well-built piece of machinery.

BMW has once again created a design that drivers will enjoy operating. This model has it all, looks, power and speed and options that would make any car enthusiast drool over. If you are looking for an alternative to regular gas powered vehicles, this diesel powered model is the perfect choice.

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