‘Treasures’ in the trash

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‘Treasures’ in the trash: 34 years in sanitation taught him how to spot a gem

Nelson Molina spent 34 years as a garbage man in New York City.

“I love this job. It’s one of the greatest jobs in the world,” Molina says. He didn’t just hold his nose and toss bags into the Department of Sanitation truck. He became an expert at finding “treasures” in the trash.
Molina salvaged over 50,000 items from the garbage and put them on display in what he calls a “secret museum” in Manhattan. He hopes the city will turn it into a real museum soon.

The place is like Antiques Roadshow — on steroids. There are tables crammed with glass vases, gold jewelry, silver candelabra, decorative clocks, electric guitars and violins that all still work…More